Brio Partners with Klarna to Offer Pain-Free Payment Options

Brio Partners with Klarna to Offer Pain-Free Payment Options

By Sheila Anthony

Brio has partnered with Klarna, the payment and shopping app that offers a convenient range of flexible, interest-free payment options, including a 30-day try-before-you-buy option. Here’s how it works.

You can purchase any Brio product using the Klarna app. Just install it on your phone or desktop before you shop. You can use Klarna whether you’re on, in a store that carries Brio products, or shopping for Brio products on the Klarna app itself.

Klarna offers these incredibly convenient payment options:

Pay in 4 installments—interest-free

Split the cost of your cooler into 4 interest-free payments. You’ll make a payment every 2 weeks, knowing exactly how much you’ll be paying and when you’re paying it, with no interest or fees tacked on. Just 4 comfortably paced payments to purchase your Brio cooler. And bonus points—the instant-approval process for the 4-installment purchase will have zero impact on your credit score.

Try before you buy

Start enjoying your Brio cooler right away without paying for it. You can give it a test run for 30 days, see if you like it, and then make your purchase, again, with no interest or fees added. And if you decide you don’t want the cooler? No problem. Just send it back to us without paying for it at all.

Get 6–36 month financing

Klarna has transparent credit options offered in partnership with Web Bank. A member of FDIC, Web Bank gives you the flexible financing you need to purchase your cooler seamlessly and painlessly.

Klarna logo on a pink background

Look for the pink Klarna badge on and as a payment option at checkout. Not only is Klarna safe and secure, but you can manage your order and all your payments right on the Klarna app.

Want to discover all the amazing benefits of the Klarna all-in-one shopping app? What Is KlarnaKlarna Customer Support, and Klarna FAQs are here to help.

We know how much you want a Brio water cooler that can dispense sparkling water or an under-sink filtration system that includes a pitcher that automatically refills. Maybe you even put one of them into your online shopping cart. But what happens? It just sits there…for weeks. Why? You keep picturing the size of your credit card bill at the end of the month, plus all the interest you’ll have to pay if you don’t pay the bill all at once. 

Rest assured that with Klarna, you can purchase the Brio cooler or filtration system you want, confident knowing you’re in charge of how, when, and at what pace you pay for it.

Happy shopping with Klarna!

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