Wall Mounted Room Temp Water Fountain, Stainless Steel, Brio Premiere

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  • This commercial drinking fountain provides users with instant access to room-temperature water. It is also equipped with a water filter connector that is compatible with different brands of filters systems, so consumers can always enjoy purified water on demand.¬†
  • The fountain‚Äôs barrier-free design meets ADA standards when properly installed, so all our consumers may access the fountain.
  • Its contoured basin is designed to provide a splash resistant surface, and its stream height regulator also provides a constant stream.
  • Its curved profile, as opposed to sharp edges of traditional water fountains, make it a safer product to have in schools, parks and other public spaces.
  • The sleek fountain is rated for indoor use. It is made of durable chrome-plated brass, so it can fit in different environments and¬†will last through years of use.¬†