Brio Tri-temp 2-stage Countertop Point of Use Water Cooler w/ UV Self Cleaning

  • Cooler is equipped with a child safety lock on the hot water spout, so the entire family can use it worry free.
  • This cooler is equipped with a 2-stage ultrafiltration system that includes a 5-micron pre carbon filter and sediment filter that removes 99 percent of all organic compounds, chemicals, pathogens and microorganisms from water.
  • It features 100 percent stainless steel cold and hot reservoirs to protect water purity, cooler longevity and taste of water.
  • Cooler features a large dispense point, so consumers can easy refill bottles of different sizes.¬†
  • Cooler features a self-cleaning feature. It is equipped with a UV light that disinfects the cooler 24/7, so consumers will never have to service the cooler themselves.¬†