Brio 2.5" x 6" S-Type Pre-Carbon Replacement Filter w/ 650 ml capacity

  • This pre-carbon filter is designed to remove foul odors, colors and organic compounds, such as chlorine copper and more.¬†
  • Filter is s-shaped and is sized at 2.5‚Äù x 6‚Äù and has a filtering capacity of 650 ML. It can filter water at temperatures between 33- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit.¬†
  • Filter is available at an affordable price compared to competing pre-carbon filters in the market.¬†
  • It has a high-adsorptive capacity and long lifespan, with a service life of 6 to 12 months, depending on how heavily one‚Äôs system is used.¬†
  • This filter is ideal for residential water purification systems as it is durably designed and has a strong-performance rating.¬†