Brio Premier 14" Inline U-Type Ultrafiltration Membrane

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  • This is a high-performance, UF replacement membrane that is sized at 11 inches.
    • This UF filter removes dirt, rust and sediment from water to provide users with exceptional drinking water.
      • This filter has been performance tested and verified by industry-leading professionals and serves an essential role in a UF system.
        • Product has a long service life of 6 to 12 months depending on how heavily a UF system is used.
          • This standard replacement filter is ideal for commercial ultrafiltration systems.

          This inline U-type ultrafiltration membrane is an essential component to a commercial ultrafiltration system. It removes up 99 percent of all bacteria and contaminants from water to ensure that water is exceptionally purified for our consumers’ drinking pleasure. This filter has a standard shape and is durably designed. It has a high lifespan and only needs to be changed very 6 to 12 months depending on how heavily a system is used.