This Year Give a Gift That Lasts

This Year Give a Gift That Lasts

By Sheila Anthony

The holidays are upon us and the scramble for gifts is on. But instead of giving presents loved ones will grow out of or lose interest in or (gasp!) regift, how about selecting a useful, well-made gift that will deliver great value and service for years? Here are four great gift ideas you might want to consider.

Countertop Water Cooler for Your Teenager

Studying hard or playing hard, your teen needs hydration that doesn’t involve sugary drinks or single-use plastic bottles. Enter the Brio Top-Load Countertop Water Cooler. The cooler is in a newly optimized space-saving design with the unit measuring a petit 12” W x 20.5” H x 15.5” D. It also features tri-temp dispensing options—hot, room, and cold. That means that not only are sports bottles easily refilled with room-temp water, but cold and hot beverages, including instant soups, are available on demand too. No more annoying trips to the kitchen or campus commissary. From bedrooms to dorm rooms to first apartments, this sturdy cooler is a smart, durable choice.

Brio Top-Load Countertop Water Cooler



Chef-Friendly Under-Sink Filtration System with an Auto-Fill Pitcher

Small kitchens need to preserve as much countertop space as possible, especially if there’s a chef in the family who needs it. The Brio Amphora has a sleek reverse osmosis filtration unit that tucks neatly away under the sink, freeing up counter space for prepping. It also comes with a water pitcher that automatically refills when empty or low on filtered water. And the water is reverse-osmosis-filtered water, the purest water available, makes it perfect for cooking as well as for drinking.

Brio Amphora Under-Sink Filtration System with Pitcher



No-line cooler for the Family Garage/Crafts/Home-Office Geek

The Brio No-Line Cooler is super-convenient with its bottom-load design and premium 2-stage filtration that reduces chlorine, bad tastes and odors, and unpleasant color. It also features tri-temp dispensing, and the bottle can be refilled from a garden house or from the kitchen sink. And perhaps the biggest gift of all? Purified water without drilling holes into pipes.

Brio Bottom-Load No-Line Water Cooler



“The Stockings Sports Bottles Were Hung by the Chimney with Care”

Colorful sports bottles are perfect for holding smaller gifts and candies, and would make a fun, surprising, and practical addition to your fireplace mantel. Why not get one for each member of the family? Plus, it’s a great way to wean loved ones off single-use plastics.

GEO Glass 18-Ounce Sports Bottles



Happy holiday gift shopping!

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