Never Been to a Twitter Party? No need to be a wallflower or a no-show just because you’ve never been! Here’s the low down so that you can join in on all the fun!

We’ll break this down into two sections for you:

1. What to Expect

2. How to Party

Here are a couple of tips on how to get prepared for a Twitter Party. We want you to have fun, so check it out prior to party time!

-First, join Twitter at and get acquainted with how it works. A Twitter Party is just like a real party, where everyone gets together to “visit”, only the visiting is in Twitterland with guests from all over the world. Keep in mind, that there is no right or wrong when attending or tweeting at a party!

-Next, you can go to or to get familiar with how it works and play around, otherwise, just wait for party time, you’ll be fine. The sites listed above are actually the sites that host the technical part of the party and the location where you will see the party conversation as it takes place in real time, as we say.

-As your Twitter Party host, we will ask some conversation starter questions. Join in and reply, but in 140 characters or less (no worries, Twitter shows your character usage as you type!).

-The Twitter Party is a bit of an Open House. You can arrive on time or be fashionably late. We would love for you to be there the whole time so that you can join in on all the fun and prize winning.

-Conversations will vary throughout the party. Guests may have a question or two. Other guests chime in with their thoughts to those questions and the conversation goes on. It’s all vary informal and related to our topic of the party.

-If you need to make a phone call, pour another cup of joe, tuck a child in for nap or bed, or put another load of laundry in the dryer, just hop to it and join back in the conversation when you can. Time to head out? We hope you will say your goodbyes and we’ll virtually see you next time.

-As at any other party, there are party favors involved or better known as prizes at Twitter Parties. Since we love to party and dream up great prizes – you won’t want to miss what’s up our sleeve. Favors are given out randomly to registered party guests and there’s always some unexpected surprises. Click here to see the prizes.

-The more the merrier! You are welcome to invite your Twitter friends and followers to the party. We like to tweet it as the party nears and send direct messages to tweeple we know would love to join in the fun or learn more about the subject of our party.


1. You need a twitter account. (click here to set up a new twitter account)

2. Click here to register for the party; registration is free and only takes a couple minutes.

3. Go to the online party location. (details below)

4. Participate! No one expects you or your tweets to be perfect; we’re just happy you made it to the party!

Once you have created your Twitter account and registered for the party, follow these instructions to attend the party:

1. Go to

2. Type in the Party Hashtag:
(a hashtag is this symbol # but it’s followed by a word… this way whoever is using in their tweet will be on the same page-aka the same party)

3. Type in the Twitter Profile of the Party Hosts: @ORGANIZEdotcom, @MrsOrganized, @organizesteve0

4. Add your Username information: @yourtwitternamehere

5. Click on Join Party.

6. Type in your username and Twitter Account Password to get started.

7. Type your Tweets into the Tweet box and the party hashtag should be automatically added to your tweets.

“WOW… the tweets are flying” “I’m Lost!”
Two ways to slow down the pace:
-Click on the blue bar labeled “settings” adjust as needed.
-Press “Stop” button at the top of the column to pause the tweets; then click on it again to start the tweets back up.

“How do I reply?”
Scroll over the right side of a tweet, you’ll see a blue arrow facing left to reply and the right facing arrow is to retweet.

"What is Retweeting and how & why should I do it?"
-Retweeting or RT is simply sharing your passion! When you read a tweet you really like and think your followers would find useful, humorous, etc… you Retweet it.
-When using Tweetgrid- Scroll over the right side of a tweet, you’ll see a blue arrow facing left to reply and the right facing arrow is to retweet.
- On Twitter- scroll over the tweet and in the bottom right corner you'll see the Retweet button. Scroll over the right side of a tweet, you’ll see a blue arrow facing left to reply and the right facing arrow is to retweet.

“What else can Tweetgrid do?”
-The chat bubble will allow you to send a Direct Message.
-Click on the profile picture and the user’s information pops ups.