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Tamah Vega
Organizing Coach & Consultant and Founder of A Sense of Home

Tamah Vega is a former executive, mother to a toddler and a teen, and a passionate volunteer. She is also a skilled artist who values aesthetics and order. With a passion for design and color, she has always enjoyed creating unique artwork and pleasing environments.

Starting at a young age, she held numerous interesting jobs in industries ranging from retail to graphic design, relocation to events. At the age of 19 she began managing all aspects of multiple commercial properties with support staff for an executive suite company in the Bay Area. She was fortunate to continue this versatile career for 9 years.

Tamah founded A Sense of Home in 2004 to help women who are overwhelmed, overscheduled, and suffocated by too much stuff create the lifestyle they desire. She truly enjoys working with busy executives and individuals in transition. Having moved numerous times throughout her life, Tamah is well equipped to help others manage change. A Sense of Home is a full-service company, where Tamah provides consulting and coaching for her clients, offering the guidance and support needed to create the home, career & life they want. Her team of specialists provides the hands on services to make these transitions happen quickly and efficiently.

Her passion for helping others is evident in her work with the community. Tamah also enjoys giving back by sharing her knowledge through free workshops at retail stores such as Storables, and contributing content to local writers. She has appeared numerous times in The Wave Magazine, The Cupertino Times, and the South Bay Accent Magazine.

An active NAPO member, Tamah currently sits on the board of the NAPO-SFBA chapter as the Associate Member Director. She is also a member of the NSGCD (National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization and the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Married to her soul mate Roberto in 2002, she and her family happily reside in Fremont, California.