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Stacey L. Crew   Stacey Crew is an organizing expert who is also a published author and public speaker. After a successful career in marketing and publishing, her days as a stay-at-home-mom and the multitude of endless tasks involved with raising two children, she was inspired to develop her own systems for implementing and maintaining organization.

Stacey’s books and presentations illustrate her systems and philosophies in a fun and interesting way. Her signature methods bring order to her clients’ and peace to their everyday lives.

Stacey’s skills for organizing, developed by her own trial and effort and refined over the last 10 years come to great aide to her clients in bringing simplification to their spaces. What sets her apart from other organizers is her focus is on new moms and busy women and she was also one of the first two professional organizers in the Charleston area, starting her business in 2003.

Stacey’s work in organizing with her clients is a skilled profession. She prioritizes the needs of her clients even when they cannot and decides which tasks should be tackled and in what order to best provide a sense of accomplishment and marked progress. Her nationally published and promoted books offer support to her clients before, during and after the projects are complete and the sessions are over.

Stacey focuses on organizational systems that guide her clients through transitional stages (for example, new parents, newlyweds, etc.) primarily. These stages of life require the acquisition of so many new things and Stacey helps people adapt to the new stage by helping them definine what it is they really need and why. She individually assesses each situation and provides personal guidance to each client.

Stacey’s clients feel that she brings trustworthy integrity to the job, delivering on what is promised and respecting the vulnerability and privacy of the client all at once. She has the ability to see past the clutter of a situation (both of the space and of her client’s frustrations) and communicate the potential for a productive and serene environment. She also knows how to move from the clutter to the organized taking steps at a pace that both suit the client and the situation.
Stacey is a proficient writer, able to communicate to her readers the skills needed to accomplish their goals of organization in an entertaining and enjoyable format. She has self-published two books and Adams Media is publishing her new moms book,The OrganizedMom http://www.staceycrew.com/pages/theorganizedmom.htm , which will be in bookstores nationally in 2009 . Stacey has the skill and inclination to expand her writing beyond the topic of organization into other areas that help women find the peace that they desire in a chaotic world. Stacey has years of public speaking experience offers her audience further exposure to her philosophies through this avenue.