Toy Storage

Has your house been taken over by stuffed animals, toy cars, children’s book and more doll accessories than you can count? You’re not alone! Organizing your child’s space doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it FUN and get your kids involved, you’ll not only get the work done faster, but your child will learn where all of their stuff belongs.


Toy Bins, Boxes & Cubbies
Toy Hammock
Stacking Storage Boxes
Book Case
Erasable Sticky Labels
Dishwasher Basket
All Purpose Cleaner
Cleaning Cloth


This might the only time you tell your child, "dump all the toys on the floor!" This is a great way to see what you're dealing with and can easily sort what your child wants to keep or decide what they have grown out of. Make a pile to donate or sell at your next garage sale.

With the toys that are keepers, take all purpose cleaner and a cleaning cloth (or cleansing wipes) and wipe down to "de-germ" all those toys! Any toys that can be run through the dishwasher without damage, give them a spin too. Dishwasher baskets come in handy for the smaller toys.

Next, step into your child's shoes and help him or her organize from the bottom of the room to the top. Most used toys should live on lower shelves, and higher cabinets or shelves should store the less frequently used toys and keepsakes. Sort the remaining toys by category: Books, blocks, trucks & cars, dolls & accessories, kitchen toys, happy meal giveaways etc. Use items like the Snap N' Stack Container to store smaller items. Large Bins are perfect for dolls & accessories, trucks & blocks, movies, games, etc.

Once everything is in its place, labels come to the rescue to keep kids organized for the long haul! Put them everywhere, use pictures if your younger ones can't read yet. In drawers, on shelves, boxes, bins, cubbies, etc. Playing "match the label" can turn cleaning up toys into a fun game!


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