Junk Drawers

The junk drawer is the catch all for numerous household things that should probably be placed elsewhere. It’s an important drawer, but completely inefficient because it is impossible to find anything in it!


Trash Bag
Cleaning Cloth
All Purpose Cleaner
Measuring Tape
Utility Drawer Organizer


Dive right in! By emptying the drawer completely so it's easy to start fresh. Toss out trash, old pens, unknown keys, expired batteries, etc. Remove any items that don't belong in this drawer. While the drawer is empty, wipe down completely with some all purpose cleaner and a cleaning cloth. You'll be surprised what has built up through the years!

Measure the height, width and depth of the drawer and find a drawer organizer that fits your drawer, or one that is customizable to fit most size drawers. Sort the remaining contents and group like items together, pens, keys, rubber bands, sticky notes, etc. Put back all the contents, organizing them into compartments with your new drawer organizer!

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