Garage Spring Cleaning

If your car is parked in the driveway because your garage has been taken over by boxes, bikes, and sports equipment - then it’s time to spring clean your garage!  Protect your vehicles and keeping your belongings organized by following these Spring Cleaning steps.


Heavy Duty Storage Bins (picture to the right)
Key Racks
Lawn and Garden Storage
Sports & Bicycle Storage
Overhead & Attic Storage
Auto Organizer
Wall Storage System
Trash and Recycling Bins


One of the best and most important things with spring cleaning is getting rid of things you don’t need. The garage traditionally turns into a catch all for things you meant to get rid of, but didn’t for one reason or another. If it’s been in the garage for longer than two years and you haven’t used it, then you don’t need it….so GET RID OF IT! Throw it away or better yet give it away, someone else might have a great use for it.

Once you’ve gone through all the cabinets, boxes, old holiday decorations, etc. and decided what you want to keep, it’s time to organize everything, and we mean everything! Buy matching bins for all storage items (like the ones pictured above), you’ll be amazed how clean your garage feels with coordinating storage containers. Store items you need access to frequently on lower shelves, and seasonal or keepsake items up high.

Now let’s organize the wandering sports equipment and bikes. Using a large bin, rack, or multi-compartment sorter, your sports equipment will remain in one place and easy to find. Utilize wall and ceiling space with mountable bike racks. We also have bike lifts that keep bikes completely off the floor while allowing easy access when desired.  

At this point more than half of your things should be cleared out. So now we can get down to the important things…tools! Tools are only useful if they are accessible.  A tool board organizer is a great solution for organizing tools to have handy as fast as you can say Tim the Tool Man Taylor! The Schulte Grid System is convenient for storing larger, lawn and garden type tools.

By now you are probably exhausted, but step back and enjoy! Your car will be protected and now you have a organized working space.


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