Entryway Spring Cleaning

After a long day, it’s easy to leave shoes, purses, mail, and umbrellas in the entryway of a home.  With simple solutions to these everyday problems, anyone can make a great first impression by keeping their entryway organized.


Message Center
Key Rack & Mail Sorter
Magazine/Catalog Rack
Entryway Furnishings
Umbrella Stand
Coat Rack
Shoe Rack
All Purpose Cleaner
Glass Cleaner
Cleaning Cloth
Floor Mop


Start with a clean up. Put back the shoes that just sit there, recycle old catalogs & junk mail, and store winter coats that you won’t need until next season. With a cloth and all purpose cleaner, wipe down the front door (knobs especially!), tabletops, and walls in the entryway.  

Next, spray windows, mirrors, and glass tabletops with glass cleaner.  Then vacuum, sweep, and/or mop the floors.  Don’t forget to shake out indoor and outdoor rugs… or better yet, replace them with new ones for spring!

Now that everything is all spick and span, it’s your job to keep it that way! Find solutions that keep mail and keys in their place and off the tables, like a mail sorter and key rack. Magazine racks are handy places to store catalogs. Spring showers are a given, so be prepared with an umbrella stand and coat rack. If you store shoes in the entryway, kick them off into a stylish shoe rack. With these simple solutions, you’ll have a place for everything and your entryway will be organized.


Note: All the ingredients are clickable to give you inspiration!

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