SNAPS™  No Tools Modular Storage Cubes
Snaps Modular Storage Systems bring organization to any room in the home or office. No more bulky plastic bins or awkward metal shelves that take hours to put together - Snaps Modular Storage Systems allow you to quickly design and assemble custom organizational solutions. Snaps has the answer to any storage challenge. Tired of assembling furniture with bulky tools only to find you are missing important parts? The patented Snaps connectors make for easy assembly with no tools or additional parts. Simply open the packaging and begin snapping together your custom storage solution. Snaps Modular Storage Systems are not only easy to assembly, but also strong enough for use in the home or office. The patented Snaps connectors use a complex design to give strength and stability to the structures that you build. In fact, the larger the system that you construct, the stronger that system becomes. Stop trying to make your life fit your storage furniture - Let your storage furniture fit your life! As seasons change or children age, reconfigure your storage system to fit your changing needs. And when you need more storage space, Snaps Modular Storage Systems can be easily expanded with additional panels. The Snaps panels can also be quickly collapsed for convenient storage or transport.