Organizing TIP of the WEEK:

pack for summer camp

    Summer camp - what memories! It's a combination of fabulous fun and homesickness - and for parents, packing your wild child up for their first trip away from home can be bittersweet. If you're calm, cool and collected - your kids will be too. Contact the camp ahead of time and ask for a list of recommended clothing and gear. Grab a duffel bag or a traditional trunk and avoid last minute trips to the store by packing ahead of time. Use a laundry marker or labels and put your childs name or initials on EVERYTHING! Pack a toiletry kit or shower tote so your child can easily carry the essentials like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, floss, deoderant, and a brush to and from the bathrooms. To avoid homesickness, pack your child with stationery or a journal - so when they need to they can write. Sending your child off with everything they need will ease the transition to summertime fun.

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