Organizing TIP of the WEEK:

keep your car in order

    While you may think your vehicle as simply a means to get from A to B, in reality it's a portable household with everything you need and want when you're on the go. 1) Empty out the garbage, clear out the trunk and return coffee cups to the kitchen. 2) Sort the remaining items into zones and pick up some bins and document holders to nest car maintenance supplies, kids toys, music, manuals and maps. 3) Keep a trash bin on the floor in the backseat so you don't allow pileup in the door pockets. 4) At least once a month, clean out the interior surfaces, vacuuming floors and seats, wipe down the dash and windows and shake out the floor mats. 5) Every time you come home at the end of your day, do a quick scan - take out the days coffee cup, don't leave old receipts on the seat. Setting up regular routines to maintain your abode on wheels will keep you humming down the road.

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