Tips: Travel

Planes, trains and automobiles – we all use them and, like it or not, generally have to pack for the trip. Whether you’re traveling cross-country or around the world, a little organization can make your travel more enjoyable and take some of the stress out of what should be a fun and exciting experience.

    Plan a little before you leave home. Check the weather forecast and make a list of what you’re seeing and what you’re doing on your trip so that you know what to expect and can pack sensibly. Wear your heaviest pair of shoes on the plane, include clothes in colors that will mix and match and be layered. Place everything you intend to take on the bed before packing – cut what you don’t need. This will help you to avoid over packing – something we’re all guilty of!

    Don’t take the drug store with you.  Transfer hair products, lotions, cosmetics (where possible) and medications to smaller, leak-proof containers so that your toiletry kit is reasonably-sized and manageable. This will also make your luggage lighter and easier to carry – no more backaches

    Keep like things together. Use sealable freezer bags, plastic sheet protectors or other small plastic pouches to keep electronics cords and chargers together, your travel documents in one place (after you’ve sent a copy to friends so they know where you are!) and even your jewelry or cufflinks from becoming lost in the bottom of your case or bags.

    Choose travel items carefully.  Whether it’s your suitcase (fold or hang?), toiletry bag, makeup case or even a travel case for your expensive business ties, be sure to choose travel items that work well for you, are durable and will keep everything from top hats to dance shoes organized and accessible.

    Include sanity items in your carry on.  Travel in style with a great carry-on tailored to your needs. Be sure to include your favorite magazines and other great reading material, rockin’ playlists on your iPod, your favorite snacks and anything else that will amuse and entertain you as you travel. It’s all about filling your travel time, keeping distracted and having a fun journey.

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