Tips: Organize your Kids Room



If you canít see the floor of your kidsí rooms (or are afraid to open their doors) itís time to take action. Help children organize their rooms in ways that make their space fun to play in and easy to keep clean. Reassure them that putting their rooms in order doesnít mean they have to throw away all their good stuff.

    My Advice

    1. Set a good example. Keep your own room organized, and make it a household rule that beds are made every morning and floors picked up every evening. Follow and enforce this rule.

    2. Involve your children in setting up their own rooms. Make it easy for them to put away Ė and later find - their own stuff.

    3. Donít worry that the kidsí rooms arenít designer showplaces. Thatís not the goal. Instead, create spaces that encourage them to play, relax and study.

    4. Teach children to group similar items together (art materials, cars, puzzles) and how this makes it easier to find things later.

    5. Label liberally. There should be a place for everything so everything can go in itsí place!

    For Younger Children

    1. Establish good habits at an early age. Toddlers love to have jobs to do and can learn to put their toys away.

    2. Make the closet kid-friendly by lowering the rod and using kid-size hangers. Use open bins or baskets on the closet floor for socks, underwear, and pajamas.

    3. Put a wide-mouth laundry hamper near the closet or dresser to keep dirty clothes off the floor.

    4. Install rounded (not sharp!) hooks in the closet or on a wall for hanging clothes, backpacks, hats and such. Hang buckets that hold small toys, socks or other little things.

    5. Make bed-making easy by using a fitted bottom sheet with a covered comforter instead of the usual sheets and blankets. To make the bed, the child just needs to shake out the comforter and fluff the pillows.

    6. Cover part of a wall with corkboard to display your kidís artwork, photographs, certificates and such. Or hang a rope (above head level) between windows and use clothespins to hang artwork. Put a coat of chalkboard paint on one wall and keep a bucket of chalk handy.


    1. Try to see the childís room from his/her point of view, even if that means getting on your knees. Hang shelves and hooks where kids can easily reach them.

    2. Use pictures on labels for storage bins and over hooks to help little ones who canít read to put things away.

    3. Keep the toy population under control by letting go of old toys whne new ones arrive.

    4. Use open storage bins or clear containers for storage so children can see whatís inside.

    5. Use under-bed storage boxes for flat items like board games, puzzles, and off-season clothes and shoes.

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