Office Guide

Whether you work from home, at an office, or you just need a well-organized place to write bills and keep files organized, we know that it can be difficult to create an organized system that works for you.

Our convenient guide will provide you with innovative tips and solutions on how to organize your files and documents, reduce clutter, accessorize your office and more. We have everything you need to get your office under control, creating a fabulous, organized and effective work area that accommodates your needs.

Important things to consider:

How big is the floor space in your office?
How much wall space is available in your work area?

Do you have a large quantity of papers that require filing?

How many people are sharing the office?

How much storage space do you need?

The 4 Basic Categories:1. Desk Organizing Solutions

Keep the clutter off your desk by having a pending file to hold the odd bits that you are working on. We recommend placing our Silver Mesh In/Out File Sorter on your desk to temporarily hold items such as memos, surveys or unfinished work. This is a great place to hold items that need a home. Remember not to let your paper pile grow by holding on to items you don't need.

Keep your desk drawer neat and make things easier to find with our Everything Organizer. Store pens, paper clips, post-it notes, staples and more all in one place. This desk organizer fits right into your desk drawer, keeping your desktop free of clutter.

Now you can archive previous magazine editions in a neat stack with our Cargo™ Magazine File Box. Having a magazine rack is a great way to get organized because it holds your periodicals in order and according to date.

Too many CDs and computer discs? Try our POPIO CD Organizer that easily fits inside any standard hanging file cabinet, making it possible for you to store and lock-up your important CDs and discs.

Make the most of your desk space by organizing and efficiently using your desktop area. If your desk has limited space and does not contain any shelves, we recommend our Deluxe Cherry Printer Stand. This is a practical way to store a standard printer, copier or fax machine. The two drawers beneath conveniently store paper, ink cartridges and other office supplies.

2. Files/Paper Storage Solutions

We recommend getting rid of all old reading materials before they're outdated. Only keep the magazines that you have not read and tear out those articles that you enjoyed and want to hold on to. Our Silver Mesh Wall Mount Magazine Rack by Design Ideas is a space-saving rack that will sort, organize and display your favorite magazines.

Are you having a hard time paying your bills on time simply because you can't find them? Organize your bills, memos, reminders, to-do lists and more with our Wood Bill Organizer. Minimize your piles and de-clutter your desk by giving your bills and important memos a permanent home. The 31 slots allow you to organize your bills for the month according to date, so you will always pay them on time. As soon as your mail arrives, separate your bills from the rest of the mail and place them in your bill organizer.

It should never take more than 10 seconds to find a paper that you need. If it does, then you need an effective filing paper system that will hold your important papers and make it easy to locate what you need, when you need it. We recommend our Cargo Office Box Set, which is available in a variety of colors. These office storage boxes are the simple solution to your office clutter. Remember this when filing; evaluate each item, categorize, and put it away.

Don't spend time sorting through piles of mail. Now you can organize your mail as well as other family members' mail with our Scroll Letter, Mail and Key Rack Holder. This holder is equipped with five key hooks to hold your keys and three separate baskets to hold your mail. Giving family members their own basket will keep mail manageable, organized and handy.

Keep your important messages and reminders in one designated area. Use a wall mounted bulletin board to keep important messages at hand. Try our 3 Piece Office System. With a dry erase section and a corkboard, this is the perfect way to transfer important messages and create a family communications center. The 3 slot magazine and bill holder keeps important papers in one convenient place.

3. Storage/Other Furniture Solutions

Your home office area should be in a dedicated workspace that has minimal distractions. Make sure to locate your desk facing the door so that you are the first to see who is entering or leaving. A desk with plenty of work surface area allows you to have enough room to work as well as store your office necessities. We recommend our Prepac Computer Desk. This desk has enough room to hold all your office supplies while still providing plenty of workroom. Don't forget to add more lighting to your desk for reading and writing and remember that your phone, computer and file cabinets should be within easy reach even when you are seated.

When extra space is not an option, it is a good idea to add shelves or bookcases to your office. We recommend our 4 Shelf Bookcase. This bookcase can support books, office supplies and decorative items. Equipped with a label holder for easy identification, these boxes are a perfect way to store your office supplies and add some style to your office.

4. Accessories Solutions

Do not strain your back hauling things back and forth, to and from your office. Carry everything you need with our Grand Pack-N-Roll. This moving cart will save you numerous trips by easily transporting what you need in and out of your office in just one easy trip.

Are you tired of sitting at your desk for hours at a time? Now you can keep working while your body relaxes with our Over the Lap Desk. This lap tray will hold your lap top computer at perfect eye level to reduce strain on your eyes. It is also equipped with a newspaper bin, pen/pencil tray and a cup holder. It is perfect to use on a bed or floor.

Keep your desk drawers free of clutter, and hold on to those small items that can be lost in your desk. Our See and Store Magnetic Container is a unique way to store anything from paper clips to craft supplies. Each See and Store container has a clear lid that allows you to see its contents without opening it. The containers are perfect to store thumbtacks, staples, erasers and any other small craft and office supplies that can be easily lost.

Are you having a hard time remembering all your important passwords? Passwords are so easily forgotten and commonly misplaced. We recommend using our Internet Journal. Designed like a tall address book, this fabulous journal includes space for the website's URL, a description of the site as well as a place for your username, password and personal notes.