Laundry Guide

The weekend is here and unfortunately your laundry chores will require most of your time. It's easy to put off doing laundry during the week when you don't have an organized system that works for you and your family.

Whether your laundry room is just a small corner in your house or a large designated area, we are here to provide you with ideas on how to make your next washday a breeze. Our tips and solutions will help you create the ultimate laundry center and give you a fresh look at your laundry!

Important things to consider:

How big is your laundry area?
Do you hang dry your clothes? If so, do you currently have enough space in your laundry room?
Does everyone in your family do their own laundry? If not, is there a designated person?
How often do you do laundry?

The 5 Basic Categories:1. Hamper Solutions

Sorting your laundry as soon as you undress will eliminate you from having to sort through dirty clothes when it comes time to do laundry. Choose a hamper with compartments like our 3 Section Laundry Sorter. This convenient canvas hamper has three sections to sort your laundry into lights, darks and hand washables. This stylish chrome hamper also has wheels which allow you to haul heaps of clothes into the laundry room in just one trip. Just remember that sorting saves time!

Make your trip to the dry cleaners a pleasant one! Our Green Drawstring Laundry Bag will hold your dry-clean-only clothing until your next visit to the cleaners. Our laundry bag comes in a variety of colors and it's made from a breathable, colorfast jersey material. To save floor or counter space, you can hang the laundry bag on a door hook between trips to the cleaners. We recommend using our Over the Door Hook.

If you have a busy, large family household, then we recommend providing a hamper for each member. But not just any hamper will do. Try our Deluxe Rolling Hamper. This hamper includes a heavy-duty canvas bag that will make it easier to transport laundry from bedrooms to the laundry room. Simply pull the strings together, toss the bag over your shoulder and take it to your laundry spot.

2. Ironing and Hanging Solutions

If limited space is a problem you face, we recommend installing a wall mounted ironing board that won't take up any permanent floor space and that's easy to put away when you're finished. Try our space-saving Heavy Duty Iron and Board Holder for your wall or door. Keep your iron and ironing board all in one place and out of sight when not in use.

Again, we all know that laundry rooms can get a little crowded, especially with large appliances like a washer and dryer. If ironing in the laundry room is not an option for you, we recommend our Deluxe Laundry Butler. This unique ironing board allows you to iron on your bed, on the floor or just about anywhere! This board easily folds away and can be kept out of sight.

How do we know how to properly store our clothing? Knowing which clothes to hang and which clothes to fold can make your wardrobe last longer.

The general rules are as follows:

Knits are best kept folded because they tend to stretch when hung.
Folded sweaters, t-shirts, sweater dresses and knit pants can be stacked and stored in a drawer or on a shelf. Use our 6 Shelf Navy Canvas Sweater Organizer for extra folding storage space in your closet.
Skirts or dresses should be hung using hanging loops sewn into the seams for extra support.
Pantsuits and skirt suits should always be hung using supportive hangers. We recommend our Set of 5 Blonde Wood Suit Hanger with Clips. These durable wood hangers provide sturdy support and will last a lifetime.
If you have the closet space, try to hang delicate clothing and fine fabrics. This will reduce wrinkles and save you from ironing.
Regardless of material, clothing with pleats, creases, straps and special tailoring should always be hung in order to preserve the details
Always hang pants from hangers with clips or clamps. We suggest you trying our Euro Blonde Wood Trouser Clamp or our Light Cherry Wood Hanger with Clips.

3. Storage Solutions

Maximize storage space in your laundry room by installing shelves over your washer and dryer. Try our 24" Utility Shelf. Storing frequently used detergents, soaps and supplies on this shelf will keep them organized, accessible and at an easy reach.

Outfit your shelves with our Long Silver Mesh Storage Nest . This durable storage bin allows you to store laundry items such as clothes pins, dryer sheets, bleach pens and more. The ventilated mesh material lets you easily see what's inside and works best for humid laundry room environments.

If laundry room shelves aren't for you, try a slim cart with shelves between your washer and dryer. We recommend our Slim 3 Tier Rolling Cart which will save space and maximize your storage area.

4. Drying Solutions

For special clothing that just can't be put inside the dryer, hang them on a floor standing rack for proper care. Try our Deluxe Drying Rack which can be easily folded up and put away when not in use.

If you don't like the view of your clothes hanging up everywhere in your laundry room, try our Expandable Clothes Drying Rack. This unique expandable drying rack is adjustable and provides you with up to seven drying lines. When your clothes have finished drying it can be folded down and put away.

If your laundry room is a small area in your home, we recommend our Tub Laundry Drying Rack-White. This unique drying rack fits right over your bathtub allowing your clothes to drip dry over your tub. This is great for homes with insufficient drying space.

5. Accessories Solutions

Don't let your delicate garments get snagged by other clothing in the washer or dryer again! Protect fragile clothing from harsh rinse cycles and dryers with our Lingerie Wash Bag. Keep your delicate washables together in this handy mesh wash bag that has a zipper to keep your garments securely inside.

Avoid ever being late again because you just can't find the other matching sock to your pair! We recommend using our Sock Rings to help keep the pairs together in the washer, dryer and even in the drawers. An assortment of colors are available in packages of 10.