Kitchen Guide

When you think about creating the ideal kitchen, what thoughts come to mind? Spending time sorting through the pantry? Organizing pots, dishes and cooking utensils? Creating extra storage space for all your small appliances? You just might be right. However, organizing your kitchen does not have to be a dreaded chore.

Sometimes getting started is the hardest thing to do. That is why we have developed a convenient kitchen guide to help you get started. We will provide you with useful tips and solutions that will help you organize and make the most of your kitchen space. We're here to help you tackle your kitchen and create the perfect place that's ready for cooking.

Important things to consider:

• How much free storage space do I have?
• Which kitchen items do I use the most?
• How many people do I usually cook for?
• Think about what you like and what you would like to change in your kitchen set up.

The 5 Basic Categories: 1.Countertop Solutions

Countertop SolutionsWe all know that countertops tend to get crowded with small appliances and other items that we don't use everyday. It's a good idea to reserve countertop space for kitchen supplies that you use the most. We suggest grouping your most commonly used utensils and placing them in a container for countertop display. Try our York™ Ceramic Utensil holder by InterDesign®. It's perfect for storing your spoon, spatulas and any other cooking utensils that you use.

Now you can reduce countertop clutter with our Undercabinet Hide-Away Cookbook Holder. This unique space-saving cookbook holder fits rightunderneath your cabinet and easily folds away. To keep your countertops looking clean and free of clutter, it’s a good idea to put away any cookbooks that you don’t use on a regular basis.

Take advantage of the exterior of your refrigerator or a metal surface by using our Magnetic Paper Towel Holder. This stainless steel paper towel holder comes with a super strong magnet for an easy placement of your choice. It will reduce clutter on your countertops and give you more free space to work on.

 Keep your spices off your countertops but at an easy reach with our Measure Select A-Spice Carousel. This twelve-spice carousel can be easily mounted under a cabinet while keeping it handy as you cook. The spice carousel conveniently dispenses ¼ teaspoon of any spice with only a click of the dial. It doesn’t get easier than this!

2. Pantry & Cabinet Solutions

Pantry and Cabinet SolutionsThe inside of your pantry can be a great place for a message center. The Nickel Bulletboard by Umbra® is perfect for posting grocery lists, coupons, important reminders and recipes for the week. Our unique bulletboard is far from the ordinary bulletin board. With an attractive nickel finish, it allows you to use pushpins or magnets.

Do you tend to have a difficult time looking for certain items in your pantry? Now you can line up your canned goods in a well-arranged way that allows you to easily see each label. Try our 3 Tier Chrome Shelf. A tiered shelving system is a great way to organize your spices, canned food, baking supplies and pasta boxes. The solid chrome finish will make a beautiful addition to any pantry.

Be aware of unused space. It’s a good idea to take advantage of your pantry door by attaching a wire mesh pocket to the inside of the door. Our Silver Mesh Pantry Caddy is ideal for storing plastic grocery bags and paper lunch sacks. They will always be handy and at a simple reach.

Add a stylish touch to your pantry by using pullout baskets to store vegetables that do not require refrigeration. Our Rattan Basket with Wood Handles is the perfect choice for a vegetable basket. The handle allows for easy pullout and convenient access to your vegetables.

Can’t think of an easy way to store soda cans inside your pantry? Try our exclusive Deluxe Chrome 24 Can Holder with Shelf. It’s perfect for keeping your sodas organized and not hidden in the back. This handy can holder makes certain that the next can is always in front and easy to reach.

Are you looking for a way to maintain a tidy pantry? It’s a good idea to store any dry baking ingredients such as flour and sugar in labeled jars. This will eliminate messy bags that tend to spill in your pantry. Try our Set of 4 Airtight Acrylic Jars. The sizes included are large, medium, small and extra small. The clear jars let you easily see what’s inside, so you’ll know when you’re running low. These tightly sealed jars will retain freshness in food longer than in the original packaging.

Now you can easily triple the storage space inside your cupboards with our Deluxe Chrome 3- Tier Corner Plate Rack. It is perfect for storing your dinnerware inside cabinet corners and maximizing your storage capacity. The chrome-plated wire protects your plates from breaking and scratches.

 Installing sliding storage organizers is the perfect way to have easy access to all items in your pantry or cabinets. Our Sliding Cabinet Organizer smoothly extends in and out of cabinets for easy access to the items in the back. A great way to always have clean and organized shelves is to organize a little bit at a time. For example, when you unload your groceries take a little time to throw away expired items and turn labels toward the front for easy viewing.

3.Storage Solutions

Storage SolutionsIf your kitchen has limited storage space then you need the 3 Shelf Deluxe Mobile Cart. This kitchen cart will add extra storage space and flexibility to your kitchen. It can be used as a traveling cutting board or to store your microwave, plates, food and more. This rolling cart will provide added counter space and extra room to organize.

Are you tired of having to haul heavy gallons over to your water dispenser? Then we just might have the perfect solution for you! Our 3 Tier Water Bottle Rack will conveniently organize and store your water bottles next to the water dispenser. This vertical storage rack will save space while holding 3 five-gallon bottles at a time. With our bottle rack, you will always have a 5 gallon at hand and ready to refill the empty one.

Looking for more storage space? Not a problem! Take advantage of your walls by mounting our Large Utility Shelf on an empty wall. This kitchen organizer is perfect for creating a convenient storage system for cooking utensils, cookbooks, spices, paper towels and more. Not only will it look great in your kitchen, it will also give you that extra storage space that you need.

Now you can stop worrying about how to safely store your delicate stemware and wine bottle collections in your kitchen. Our Wine Rack &Stemware Holder is a secure place that will hold your favorite spirits as well as your stemware glasses. It assures you quick and easy access to your wine and stemware collection when desired.

Are you tired of having to throw away moldy bread every week? Keep your bread fresh for a longer period of time with the Cabinet Bread Box-Stainless Steel. It’s perfect for freeing up counter space and it conveniently mounts to the bottom of a kitchen cupboard. It also has a freestanding option for your convenience.

4. Organization Solutions

Organization SolutionsAre you wondering how you can organize the cabinet underneath the sink? Organizing this cabinet can be a little tricky because it’s so easy to stuff it with cleaning supplies. Here are a few ideas. Round up your cleaning supplies and keep them all in one place with our Jumbo Utility Caddy. This caddy will make it easy to transport your cleaning supplies to any room in the house. It’s also a good idea to use a wire basket for brushes, sponges, rags and scoring pads. Try our Classico Square Wire Basket. It’s perfect for storing your wet cleaning tools while preventing water and dust from collecting inside.

Don’t strain your arms trying to get to those hard-to-reach items inside your cabinets. Now you can easily reach them with our Under-Cabinet Pullout Drawer. Installing this pullout drawer is the ideal solution for saving time while keeping your cabinet organized and tidy.

Organize and store your sharp knives in a convenient and handy place. Try our Deluxe Beechwood Cutting Board with Drawer. It’s not just your typical cutting board. It is equipped with a built in cutlery drawer containing four dividers to store your knives or utensils. Your knife collection will always be conveniently handy whenever you use your cutting board.

Let your pots and pans dangle from our Black and Chrome Hanging Pot Rack. While adding style to your kitchen, it will also save you some cabinet space. This hanging rack is ideal for small kitchens with limited cabinet space.

Need a place to store your lids? Try our Lid Maid Lid Organizer. It’s the perfect tool to keep your lids organized and at a convenient reach. It can also be used to store cooking sheets, baking pans and other flat cookware.

5. Accessories

Organization SolutionsAdd some decorative style to your kitchen by displaying your beautiful plate collection using our 4 Tier Plate Rack. This wall mountable plate rack is perfect for displaying beautiful collections while taking advantage of unused wall space. It’s made from long lasting heavy gauge steel and has been electrostatically painted for a long lasting stylish look.

We know how easy it can be to accumulate tons of plastic grocery bags from the supermarket, but try not to keep every bag that you get. Figure out about how many you’ll need each week and get rid of the rest. You can conveniently store them in our Stainless Steel Grocery Bag Dispenser. It’s made of durable stainless steel and has a wide dispensing area for easy refilling. Mount it on a wall, cabinet drawer or under the cabinet for convenient access.

Need more counter space to cool off those warm baked cookies? Try our Folding 3-Tier Baker’s Rack. This convenient rack will hold four dozen cookies at a time or three pies at once. It’s perfect for kitchens with limited counter space.

Most of us have a specific drawer in the kitchen labeled the “junk drawer”. We know it’s not junk, but we also know that we are going to need those miscellaneous items in it eventually. To keep your drawers organized try our Expand-A-Drawer Junk Drawer Edition. It’s the perfect solution for keeping your drawer tidy and manageable.