Jessica Seinfeld

Like many busy Moms, Jessica Seinfeld used to dread mealtimes. Her culinary efforts to coax her three children – toddler Shepherd, preschooler Julian, and their finicky big sister, six-year-old Sascha – to eat a variety of nutritious foods were routinely met with cries of “ew, gross!” One particularly frustrating evening, she decided to try something different – and a little devious. To her amazement and delight, her kids gobbled up all their vegetables without a peep of protest.

Her winning formula? As Seinfeld divulges in DECEPTIVELY DELICIOUS: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food, she hides vegetable purées and other healthful ingredients – “food that my kids wouldn’t touch in their natural form” – in proven kid-pleasing dishes. This stealth tactic lets her make all kinds of simple, fast, nutritious meals that her kids will actually eat, and they have developed a taste for wholesome whole-grains, fresh fruits, and a rainbow of vegetables. By continuing to put veggies on her children’s plates – but no longer having to plead with them to “eat your peas!” – Jessica found her kids sampled the vegetables on their own and ended up getting two servings of goodness! Now mealtimes at the Seinfeld house are low in fat, sugar, and stress and full of vitamins, fiber, and fun.

Approved by eclectic kid taste-testers, husband Jerry and other friends, the recipes for breakfast treats, finger foods, comfort favorites, and desserts are sure to make the whole family run to the kitchen table. Jessica Seinfeld serves it all up with lively illustrations, lots of helpful advice, and common-sense rules for parenting with fewer frustrations, just enough structure, and more pleasure. DECEPTIVELY DELICIOUS offers a healthy alternative that parents, even the most time-pressed, and kids, even the fussiest, can live with, happily.

JESSICA SEINFELD is the founder of Baby Buggy, a non-profit organization that works to provide New York City's families in need with clothing and sundry essentials for their infants and young children. She lives in New York, with her husband, Jerry, who never complains about eating his veggies, and their three little recipe tasters: Sascha, age 6; Julian, age 4; and Shepherd, age 2.