Prepare for Summer Camp

Once you and your Camper have decided which summer camp will make everyone happy, it’s time to get ready and excited. If the camp is too far away to visit, depend on friends, family, or others at church or in your synagogue for recommendations. The best summer camps are found by word of mouth. They are also the ones whose beds fill up early, so plan ahead. Many summer camps book one year in advance. Summer Camp can be expensive, but the good news is, there are camps for every budget. Check out YMCA camp programs. Kids can go to camp for a couple of weeks to a place that is usually only about two-hours away from home.

Going to summer camp can be both exciting and scary, especially for first timers. Being away from home can be stressful for many kids, but summer camp experience allows children to make new friends, do new things and come home with newfound knowledge and confidence. Introduce children or get more practice in of being away from home with sleepovers.

Summer Camp Tips:
Packing for summer camp can be tricky. You need to pack for hot, sunny days and nights that can get cold in some areas. We suggest that you start packing two-weeks before you leave for camp and to get organized first.

Make a list of what you would like to bring to camp and work with the list your camp suggests and requires. This list will be sent to you, but can usually also be found on the camp’s website or emailed to you.

Label all belongings with your child’s last name on the tag or inside of the collar of each garment with a permanent Laundry Marker. Also mark the bottom of socks, bathing suit, towel, hoodie and jacket labels. Shoes should also be marked.

We suggest two laundry bags for easy transport to and from the laundry area and for those who put off doing their laundry for as long a possible!

Trunks are hand easier for camp than suitcases. Look for trunks with wheels and remind your camper to use for extra clothes, care packages, and other items they don’t have room for.

Parents of younger children sometimes pack one outfit per day of the week, which makes it easier for the camper, but also helps with not over packing. Each set includes pants or shorts, shirt, socks, and underwear and is stored and layered in zip-lock backs in the trunk or suitcase. Cute notes or labels from Mom are always appreciated and will bring a smile!

Small cosmetic bags or cute pencil cases are great for toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, body wash or soap, insect repellant, and suntan lotion. Trial sizes are most manageable.

Make inexpensive personalized labels with your child’s name and address. Place these and stamps on envelopes you’ve packed on envelopes to be set from camp. Labels can also be used to label the trunk, suitcases, sleeping bags, pillows, cameras, toothpaste, or anything that is not washable.

Shower caddies are perfect for transporting the essentials for hitting the showers.

A favorite pillow, toy or “blankie” is encouraged. Even if it’s a secret.
Pictures or brag books of the camper’s family will give them something to share.

Colored pencils, pens, stationery and post cards, picture frames and bunk storage are camp essentials.

Pack pillows and sleeping bag inside a large laundry bag, also making it easy to transport.
Lapdesks are perfect for letter-writing, drawing, and card games while in the bunk.

Packing for Summer Camp
Of course, your campers needs will differ depending on whether they will be spending two-weeks at Nike Sports Camp, the summer at Camp Mohawk in White plains, New York or tucked in the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe. No matter where you will be packing for, we’ve got you covered with our Summer Camp Checklist.

Summer Camp Tips
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Summer Camp Checklist