Holiday Guide

The holidays are over and it’s pretty common to feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to put away the holiday decorations. Whether you have a big family to help you or you’re taking on the task by yourself, we all know that it can be time consuming, stressful and chaotic.

We've developed this handy guide to provide you with helpful tips and solutions for post holiday stress. Our guide will help you de-clutter, organize and store your items the proper way, ready for next year. Both decorating and cleaning up will be much easier, leaving you with plenty of time to spend with friends and family.

Important things to consider:

• How much room is available in your house for storage?
• Will you have any help organizing and putting decorations away?
• How large is your decoration collection?
• Do you have fragile items that need special protection and storage?

Remember, keeping everything organized after the holiday season will ensure that next year’s season is more pleasant, stress free and merry. Our holiday storage guide will provide you with clutter- busting ideas and organization solutions.


The 3 Basic Categories:

1. Storage Solutions

Keep your gift wrap from unrolling in your closet. While storing your entire holiday gift wrap collection in just one place. Try our Jumbo Upright Gift Wrap Storage Container which holds 16 rolls. Our container makes it easier to store a variety of wrapping paper and keeps them in excellent condition. Now you can have a large variety of wrapping paper to choose from, all neatly stored in one place.

Don't let those special ornaments that you've had for years get scratched or broken! Store ornaments in an ornament container with divided sections to erase those worries. We recommend our Snap 'n Stack™ Ornament Storage Box. The 3 tiered design provides ample storage and organizational space for your bows, ornaments, decorations and so much more!

Don't spend hours going through balls of tangled lights. Store them once and do it right with our Wing-Lid Holiday Light Storage Box. The four plastic reels inside the storage box prevent tangling and provide great protection for longer durability. With an organized system like this, you'll finish un-trimming your tree in no time and avoid a tangled mess next December!

2. Gift Wrapping Solutions

Stop running around the entire house trying to find scissors, tape and that certain wrapping paper that you just must have! Keep all your gift wrapping supplies organized in just one spot. Our Gift Wrap Station will store everything that you need for your holiday wrapping and more.

Store your assortment of beautiful ribbons in our Ribbon Dispenser . Your ribbons will remain untangled and organized. Equipped with a threading hole on each drawer, this dispenser is a great way to keep your ribbon accessible and ready to use.

Don't be caught empty handed! Always have greeting cards for all holidays and; occasions at hand with our Greeting Card Keeper Box by Iris®. The greeting card planner includes paper dividers and labels with pre-printed holidays, occasions and all the months of the year. You can also store cards that were received. Remember that the best time to update your holiday card list for next year is at the end of this year's holiday season. You can add, modify or delete as needed, and your list will be updated and ready to use in December.

3. Organizing Solutions

Gift bags are becoming more popular for holiday gift wrapping. Storing your gift bags in one area will save space and keep the bags at hand. We recommend our Gift Bag Organizer which will protect your gift bags from being lost, folded or soiled while keeping them organized in one safe place.

Do your best to keep all of your holiday decorations in an out-of-the-way space. Since you won’t need them until next year, its best to keep them out of sight to reduce clutter. We suggest using our 17 Gallon Clear Storage Box by Iris® for any other holiday storage needs. Using clear storage boxes as opposed to colored boxes will save you from having to label the boxes.

Organize your holiday season with our Pepperpot Holiday Organizer Binder. Record your family's holiday traditions and favorite recipes, as well as more practical notes such as your master card and shopping list, budget, gifts received and whether a thank you note was set. The book is sectioned and labeled for easy identification.

And most importantly, don't forget to leave Santa's favorite - cookies and milk! Our Santa Plate and Mug Set will keep the jolly man happy all year round.