Gifts Guide

There's nothing like having the satisfaction of giving the perfect gift. Unfortunately, we all know that looking for the perfect gift can be an incredibly difficult task. We don't want to buy the recipients something that they have absolutely no interest in, or something that they already have.

Sometimes we just don't know what to buy for that special person. Other times our minds are crowded with overwhelming thoughts about what could possibly go wrong with the gift. What if the size doesn't fit? What if it's the wrong color? What if they're allergic to it? I wonder if they're even going to like it. As a result, shopping for the perfect gift has become a dreaded deed!

We've developed this convenient gift guide to help you shop for the perfect gift. Our guide will provide you with gift giving ideas by categories, which will make it easier to narrow down your choices and make it easier to select the ultimate gift.

Important things to consider:

• Who am I shopping for, and what is the occasion?
• Do I have a budget to work with? If so, what is it?
• Do I have a list of things that the person likes?
• What do I know about the person?
• Does he or she have a special hobby or interest?

The Basic Categories:

1. Housewarming Gifts


For many people, a new house means a new beginning. This means that you will probably want to purchase a gift that will compliment their new home decor. We suggest our Scroll™ Letter, Mail and Key Rack to get the new happy homeowners organized. Our unique message center sorts bills and other documents while keeping their keys all in one place.

Don't know the interior decoration style of your neighbor's new home? Not a problem! Get them something that is practical and useful. Try our Chrome Fruit Basket. This stylish basket is great for displaying fruit, bread and more. Better yet, welcome them to the neighborhood with the fruit basket already filled with their favorite fruit!

Give the gift of memories with our Square Photo Coasters. Insert your most memorable photos of you and your loved ones into the unique coaster photo frames and give them to a close family member or friend. They will enjoy bringing warmth into their home by remembering those unforgettable moments every time they pick up a glass and look at the picture.

We all know that when we move into a new home, the walls are bare and voices echo in the rooms. Now you can give the gift that will add decorative elegance to the walls with our Trapeze 4x6 Trio Frames. This beautiful wall mount photo display features three picture frames suspended by metallic strings from a metallic rod. This is a beautiful gift that's perfect for everyone.

2. Gifts for the Cook

Any cook would be delighted to have just the right spice at his or her fingertips. Now they can have all the necessary spices with our 8 Jar Revolving Stackable Spice Carousel. Our spice rack includes eight of our finest spice jars filled with a variety of high quality spices and matching labels.

If your chef loves to cook using recipes, then we have the perfect gift! Cooks will love to have our Chrome Cookbook Holder in their kitchen. This sturdy cookbook holder will keep the cookbook open to the right page, allowing for easy viewing while cooking.

Give the cook a convenient place to hold cooking utensils and a place to set a lid while cooking. Our Spoon & Lid Rest will keep kitchen counters and stovetops clean, while conveniently holding the lid as you stir.

Are you looking for a practical kitchen gift? Not a problem! Our Cutting Board with Tools is a fantastic useful gift that is always nice to have in any kitchen. Practically everyone has a cutting board, but not everyone has one that not only comes with a 4 piece tool set, but also stores them in a convenient drawer.

3. Our Favorite Gifts

Trying to keep the inside of our cars organized and free of clutter can be a difficult task. However, now it has gotten easier with our Front Seat Organizer. This ultimate car organizer is a gift that all commuters will love! This handy organizer keeps maps, pens, glasses, CDs and more within reach while driving.
This next gift idea is by far one of our best sellers for men! The Deluxe Standing Valet has outstanding features like a built in coat hanger, tie and belt hanger and more. With handsome dark walnut finish, this item is a practical gift that will hold a man's garments neat and all in one place. This will be a gift that he will greatly appreciate!

Glamorize someone's closet with our Set of 10 Satin Padded Hangers. These space-saving hangers are made from the richest materials that are sure to add class and elegance to any closet. They are great for preventing creases and wrinkles, while increasing the life of your clothing.

Give someone the perfect gift that can be used as a keepsake. We suggest our Walnut Photo Box. This beautiful and unique storage box is perfect for holding precious keepsakes safely inside while displaying special photographs right on the lid.

Give someone the most advanced cap display and storage solution. Our Cap Rack System by Perfect Curve will securely hold a cap collection with up to 24 hats. The cap rack can be hung on a door, from a closet rod or even a ceiling. This is the ideal gift for any mad hatter!


4. Gifts for the Host/Entertainer

An excellent host should always be well prepared for an evening of entertainment. Our Wine Party Tasting Kit includes everything you need to throw an entertaining and informative wine tasting for 4 or 34 (except the wine of course)! You can also surprise your host with our Private Vintage&trade Wine Gift Set. This set includes 1 wine preserver, 2 wine stoppers, 1 waiter's corkscrew, 2 wine preservers, 1 wine drip collar. A wine-filled night awaits!

There is no doubt that you will get the party started if you show up with our Drinxx Recipe Playing Cards. This unique set includes a full deck of cards along with a fun drink recipe on each card. This is the perfect gift for the frequent entertainer. Also bring a set of our Swizzle Sticks to stir each new concoction as you mix it up.

5. Wedding Gifts

If the bride and groom registered for china, then they’re probably going to need something to store it in. Help keep their delicate plates and cups clean and in perfect condition with our 6 Piece Cotton China Keepers.

To keep the honeymoon going, the newlyweds will probably want some romantic alone time. What a better way to “wow” the happy couple than with our Heart Shaped Picnic Basket. This amazing heart-shaped basket features a deluxe service for 2 and was designed for the most romantic picnics.

Are you looking to buy the bride and groom a gift that they will definitely use?  Then try our Wedding Stripe Dome Boxes. These stylish boxes are ideal for storing all of the wedding memorabilia, accessories, gifts, photos, supplies or trinkets the bride and groom will inevitably come home with.

The new couple will love hanging their towels and robes on our matching His and Hers Hooks. These quaint hooks are reminiscent of a simpler time and will delight the newlyweds with their charming appeal.

Purchase the bride and groom the ideal gift for entertaining or for just simply relaxing! Our Stainless Steel Margarita Glasses are timeless classics. Made from 18/10 stainless steel, these margarita glasses will keep beverages crisp and cool for a long time. Check out our entire stainless steel collection for great gifts and ideas.


6. Gifts by Price

  • Under $20

Give the perfect gift for outdoor entertaining. Try our Pewter Tablecloth Weights. These stylish clips easily attach to the bottom edge of any tablecloth, preventing the wind from blowing the tablecloth off the table and making a mess. The perfect gift to use on those windy days!

Now you can help by organizing someone’s jewelry storage with our Hanging Jewelry Organizer. This space saver is equipped with 80 pockets that keep jewelry arranged and manageable. Whether it’s hung inside a closet or behind a door, jewelry will always be conveniently within reach.

Need a gift for the television fanatic in your family? Not a problem. Our Deluxe Remote Control Caddy will store the remote control and the TV Guide all in the same place. This is the perfect solution to never losing that remote again!

When giving a gift, you can never go wrong with scented candles. Try our Snow Dragon Votive Gift Set. These delicate and stylish candles come in a chic box that will store them until they are ready to be used. Each set includes six twenty-hour votive candles and one glass votive holder.

Do you know someone who wants more free closet space? Try our Comforter Storage Bag. Our unique bag will reduce the clutter in your closets by giving you a secure place to store your delicate blankets until they are ready to be used. This bag is also a great gift for quilters and knitters. It can be used to store and protect their latest creations everywhere they go.


  • Under $50

Add a soft glow to any room with our Stainless Steel Triple Tea Light Holder. This classy tea light holder can hold up to three tea lights at a time. This is the perfect gift for candle lovers! We also recommend our scented tea light candles that come in a variety of invigorating scents and inviting colors.

Amaze everyone with this awesome gift! Our Appetizers on Ice Dish is a fantastic yet practical gift. This serving tray will hold all your favorite appetizers over ice while keeping them crisp and cool for hours. Great for indoor/outdoor parties, BBQs, game nights or a simple a casual dinner.

Bring some spice to someone's table with our Deluxe Pepper Mill. The pepper mill features a continuously adjustable ceramic grinder that adds just the right amount of seasoning to any dish. In addition, you might want to think about our matching Stainless Steel Trivet. Any hostess or mother will appreciate this expanding trivet that not only protects tables and countertops from scorches, but it looks great while doing it.

We have the perfect gift for those who enjoy taking complete care of their shoes. Our Cedar Shoe Valet is the perfect solution to store polishes, creams, cloth applicators, sponges, brushes and more. It’s also conveniently equipped with a removable shoe support that’s great for using when shining those shoes!

7. Gifts by Relationship

  • Gifts for Mom

After a long day, we know that Mom would enjoy reading a great book while soaking in a warm bubble bath. That is why our Bathtub Caddy with Reading Rack is the perfect gift to let mom relax. The caddy consists of three roomy baskets. The middle basket is a reading rack that will hold a book, allowing her to read and relax without the risk of damaging the pages and having to hold her own book. The two side baskets hold her bath time necessities while keeping them organized and accessible.  

Make Mom happy with our gorgeous Heirloom Jewelry Armoire. She will love storing her precious jewelry in this tall furniture piece that consists of 4 suede lined pull out drawers, 2 necklace compartments, a large top compartment, ring roll and mirror. Her jewelry will remain organized, untangled and always at hand. Does your mom like to travel with her jewelry? Then our Locking Jewelry Box is just what she needs. Equipped with its own removable travel jewelry case, this jewelry box is great at home or on the road.

This gift will make Mom wonder how she ever lived without it! Our Purz-n-izer Purse Organizer is just what Mom needs to keep her purse organized and tidy. This handbag organizer easily fits right into her purse and is perfect for holding keys, makeup, a cell phone and any other items that she needs easy access to.  Our purse organizer is also available in a smaller size to accommodate smaller purses and in a stylish polka dot print.

Give Mom a fresh look at her laundry! Her next laundry day is sure to be an enjoyable experience with The Pure Grass Scented Sheet Spray. Let the smell of a crisp ocean breeze invigorate her senses by simply spraying the scented spray on pillowcases and sheets.


  • Gifts for Dad

Get Dad the one-stop-drop for his jewelry, wallet, keys and small electronics. Our Black Leather Valet Tray is the perfect place to store those items that he carries in his pockets without losing them or having to remember where they were placed. Great for business or personal use.

Now you can help Dad keep all his personal items together and organized with our Men’s Padded Travel Grooming Kit. This wonderful travel kit makes it easy and convenient to store personal care items while traveling. If Dad likes to travel, then we also recommend the Winding Tie Caddy. This fabulous tie holder will keep your dad in tip-top shape on the road.

Does Dad need a little help organizing his garage? Then try our 44 Drawer Hardware Storage Cabinet. This sturdy cabinet has 32 small drawers and 12 large drawers to accommodate things of different sizes. It's perfect for storing nails, bolts, screws, washers and more. Also, try different sizes like the 16 Drawer,24 Drawer or even our large 64 Drawer cabinets.

If Dad likes to fish, then he will love The Fish Hook Fishing Pole Rack that conveniently stores up to four rods and wheels of any size. This rack protects delicate rods, keeps them organized and in good condition. Say goodbye to broken poles and tangled lines!


  • Gifts for Teens

Allow your teen to reach for a favorite CD without taking his or her eyes off the road or getting distracted. Our CD Visor Organizer is the perfect way to conveniently store their CDs in a place that is within reach as they are driving.  Our organizer is perfect for arranging their favorite CDs, DVDs and audio book CDs.

If your teen's hobby is scrapbooking then we have the perfect gift to suit his or her hobby. Our Scrapbook Tower is the finest way to store scrapbooking accessories and preserve all work-in-progress. The tower includes recessed compartments on top of the tower to store scissors, embellishments, pens, glue sticks and all other scrapboooking necessities.

Now teens can kick back and get their homework done at the same time with our Striped Lap DeskThis fun and colorful lap desk is a great way to motivate students to do their homework while relaxing at the same time. They will enjoy putting their mind to work as their body relaxes!

Redecorate and give your teen the confidence boost he or she deserves with the fun and unique "I Love Me" Shower Curtain . Finish off the look with our matching Soap Pump or Soap Dish. This confidence building collection adds style to any teen's bathroom.


Shopping Tips:

    • Pay attention to items that people say that they want throughout the year. Making a list of those items will make it easier to decide what to buy for birthdays and holidays.

    • Never go shopping without a shopping list. You tend to overspend and end up buying things that you really don't need.

    • Always keep an eye out for good sales and compare prices. Shopping online makes it easier to compare prices because they are all conveniently there for you to see.

    • If you are having a difficult time selecting a gift, then try a gift certificate. They are a guaranteed success! Try our Printed Gift Certificate or our Online E-Gift Certificate are available in $25.00 increments.

    • Read sale ads very carefully. Look out for the small print that may read- "limited quantities" & "no rain checks" or "not available at all stores". Reading the small fine print may result in saving you a trip to the store. • Shopping online can save you money on travel costs, and it can save you some time!

    • Remember to ask for return and refund policies for all items that are on sale. Also, consider asking for gift receipts as you check out at the register.