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getting organized in the new year

    If it's the new year it must be resolution-time. If you're like 98% of people, then 'getting organized' is one of your top three resolutions for the New Year. The thing with resolutions is that they're often too ambitious or you have no one to support you when things get a little tough. So, as you look to 2012, and plan what you'd like to do better, keep it reasonable and enlist the support of a good friend. If you're looking to make 2012 the year you'll deal with your clutter and get organized, I promise that I'll be here to lend a hand, offer suggestions and keep you on track (at least virtually). For starters, check out my App, visit my store at and - for a great kick start - sign up for my Facebook party on January 11 at 6pm PST. 'See' you there!!

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