Get Organized in the New Year! Starting a new year is a great time to start fresh; to get fit, start a new hobby or get our home in order. Here’s the plan from the organizing experts at<br /><br />Set your goals.
Whether you want to travel to faraway places, lose weight or get organized, record the goals for the new year and the steps you will take to reach them. Put your list in a visiable place so you’re reminded to work toward your goals daily.<br /><br />Out With the Old, In With the New
While putting away gifts received for the holidays, shed those items no longer in use. If you received a new scarf, handbag or jacket, donate or consign those you no longer use or wear.<br /><br />Store Holiday Decorations
Take down and store your holiday decorations. Share or donate any that were not used this year. Create a holiday storage area in your garage, basement, attic, laundry room or in any area where there is storage space or cabinets. Label decorations by area or room.<br /><br />Holiday Greeting Card Solutions
It’s okay to keep Holiday Photo cards as long as they’re organized into photo albums, dvd/cd boxes or a card keeper. Remember to record addresses from friends and families that may have moved this year. Try saving the envelopes of those you need to update and adding it to your “to do” list after the holidays.<br /><br />Take a New Approach
Every year we start out with a resolution to get organized, but soon after we clear clutter we tend to stock up on more “things” now that you have some free space. This year, take a different approach by LIVING WITH LESS and keeping only the things that are meaningful or useful. Be more selective on items you bring into your home.<br /><br />Where do I start?
Begin with what bothers you the most and take one step or project at a time. Surprisingly, one of the resolutions that people mention have made them feel better, is de-cluttering the closet, kitchen pantry and shower. Which are not-so-coincidentally the areas we use the most. Take it one room at a time and evaluate how you can make this space more organized and user friendly. Purge expired or unused items and create a system to tidy up the items that remain.<br /><br />Pairing Down your Wardrobe
January is the month to reduce your wardrobe and take inventory of what you own. If you can’t remember the last time you wore it, it’s outta there! Make 3 piles to 
consign, donate and toss. To make better use of the clothing you’ll keep and wear, organizing extraordinare Peter Walsh recommends reversing every hanger in your closet. Each time you wear an item turn the hanger in the opposite direction on the rod. In one year, you will know whether to keep that item or toss it the following year.<br /><br />Tackle Cosmetics & Beauty Products
Use it or toss it. Get rid of perfumes, nail polishes, lipsticks and cosmetics you no longer use or have kept because there’s a tiny bit left. Toss the perfumes that lost their pizzaz or you no longer admire, nailpolishes that have separated or can no longer be opened, shampoo bottles with a drop left, old lipglosses etc. Reducing the number of excess bottles, tubes, compacts and the like will make a huge impact on drawers, shower caddies and makeup bags.<br /><br />Jewelry Organization 
Create spaces that work best for the type of jewelry you are organizing. Multi-purpose hanging jewelry organizers are an excellent choice and most are under $15. Hang necklaces and bracelets individually so that they don’t get tangled together. Earrings should have their own compartments in order not to get lost and we love using a trinket tray on the nighstand for everyday jewels that we don’t prefer to sleep with.<br /><br />Free Up More Space
This is another term for “going vertical”.  Mount your television, use wall or closet organizers for shoes, handbags, scarves, belts, accessories, toys, books and use the back of closet doors wherever possible. Clearing up countertop, drawer and floor space will make a room feel less crowded.<br /><br />Get the Kids Involved
You are never too young to be organized. Create areas with your kids and teach them to keep books and toys organized and neat.<br /><br />Go Paperless
While there will always be a place in our hearts for paper, take time to bring your excess paper and mail to the digital world. Transferring or scanning statements, invoices, bills and receipts will save trees, reduce clutter and makes things easier to find. While you’re at it, clean up your inbox too! Unsubscribe from pesky marketing emails that you’re no longer engaged in. Freeing up that inbox space will make your workday more organized too.<br /><br />The Rules for staying organized in 2013:
•	Wake up and make a list. Every day can be a productive one if you can clearly outline what needs to be conquered for the day, week, or month.
•	Put things back. When you take off an article of clothing, watch a DVD, use a pot in the kitchen etc, put items back where they belong. 
•	Bring nothing into the house that’s not meaningful or useful.<br /><br />
“Love what you have. Have what you need. Be Happier with Less” - Peter Walsh