Garage Guide

You're embarrassed to open your garage door while your neighbors are walking by, so you wait until they turn the corner. You open the door and don't know where to begin looking for that orange bucket that you need to wash your car. Chances are you're not going to find it through the massive piles of clutter. Therefore, you give up and decide to take your car to the car wash. Does this sound familiar?

Most of us have been through something similar to that. We tend to use the garage as one big storage bin. We pile, collect and stash everything inside. Suddenly, we realize that it has become so terribly cluttered and we simply don't know where or how to begin organizing and cleaning out the garage.

We're here to show you that it can be done! Whether you want to use your garage for the reason that it was designed- to park cars, or you just simply want it to be a place to store gardening supplies, tools, bikes and more. We will help you take advantage of the most under-utilized space in your home. Our tips and solutions will give you ideas on how you can achieve a clean, attractive and organized garage.

Important things to consider:

  • What purpose would you like your garage to serve?
  • Do you need additional storage space?
  • Do you have space overhead that can be used for storage?
  • What items do you "really" use and which ones are contributing to the clutter?
  • Can I donate the items that I don't need?
  • Do you plan to park your car inside the garage?
The 4 Basic Categories:

1. Tool Solutions

Now you can store all your gardening tools in one convenient place! The Garden Rack and Basket Set by Schulte is ideal for organizing your gardening tools. It's equipped with a removable basket that can travel with you to the garden and carry hand tools, seeds, gloves and more. Mount it directly on a wall or to The Grid by Schulte for unlimited storage options and added space.

Are you wasting your time looking for the Phillips screwdriver? Now you can easily keep all your hand tools in one convenient spot and never have to worry about losing them again. Our 18" Magnetic Toolbar will mount on any wall and it's the perfect way to store anything from screwdrivers to garden tools. Since most tools are made of metal, this handy magnetic tool bar will easily hold your tools right where you can find them.

Now you can customize your own storage system with the Portable Wall Mount Tool Carrier. Made by Case Logic, this system is sure to save some floor space by putting the walls to great use.

If you're strapped for floor space, but you have some extra space on your walls, then try a wall mountable tool holder. Our Red Tool Rack by Akro-Mils will conveniently hold 96 tools in just 2 feet of space. This amazing space saving tool rack will let you organize and store your tools while keeping them at hand at all times.

Do you currently have an excessive amount of tools that are in great condition, but that you just don't need? Here are some tips and ideas that will help you get rid of them without simply throwing them away.

    • Give them to your children who don't quite have an established tool collection.
    • Donate them to a high school wood shop class or theater group.
    • Sell them on eBay.
    • Give them to your favorite neighbor.

2. Sports Storage

Are you tired of tripping over sports equipment in your garage? Now you can stop the balls and bats from rolling around with the Schulte's Sports Rack and Basket. It's the ideal solution for storing all sports balls, gloves, bats, shoes and more. This ultimate storage center can also be mounted on a wall, saving you floor space in your garage. It's a good idea to store the sports rack near the front of your garage for easy access.

Finding a way to store your bikes can be a little tricky. Try storing your bikes in a secure place and away from any parked cars. Without the proper storage, bikes tend to tip over and fall which may result in scratches to your car. We recommend using a secure bike storage system that will store them safely and out of the way. Try our Heavy Duty Bike Tree by Sports Solutions. This unique cycle stand will accommodate two bikes of any style and shape. If you need storage for more your bicycle and gear, then try the Bike and Utility Rack. This amazing storage system is specially designed to hold everything from awkward snowboards and skiis to bicycles and sporting equipment.

Now you can triple the storage space for your sports equipment with our Rolling Triple Storage Cart. This durable storage center is equipped with three removable drawstring mesh bags that make it easy to carry your sports equipment over your shoulder. The small wheels on the cart are convenient because they allow for easy transportation of all your sports equipment.

Are you looking for the best way to store your snowboards? Try our Adjustable Snowboard and Skateboard Rack. It will hold and protect your snowboards from scratches and dents. This adjustable rack is sturdy enough to hold multiple boards if the bindings are removed. It's made from durable steel and can be easily hung on any wall. It's the perfect solution for storing your snowboards and keeping them in great condition all year long. It can also accommodate wake boards, skateboards, boogie boards- you just name it.

3. Storage and Organization Solutions

It's a great idea to use various sized plastic bins for storage. After items have beensorted, group them together into bins and place them in the garage. Try ourAirtight Storage Boxes by Iris. These extra rugged boxes will provide ample storage for your supplies and maximize your storage potential while taking up minimal space.

Does Dad need a little help organizing his garage? Then try our 44 Drawer Hardware Storage Cabinet. This sturdy cabinet has 32 small drawers and 12 large drawers to accommodate things of different sizes. It's perfect for storing nails, bolts, screws, washers and more. Also, try different sizes like the 16 Drawer,24 Drawer or even our large 64 Drawer cabinets.

Looking for an effective way to store small loose items in your garage? Try the Small Parts Storage Case. Prevent the small things from spreading into a big mess by organizing your loose items such as nails, screws, bolts and more in this high quality plastic box. Equipped with 18 compartments, your small items will remain organized and easy to find. In addition, this handy case is small enough to carry with you wherever you need it to go.

Customize your storage system with the innovative System Bins by Akro-Mils. The stackable bins are configured 6 compartments across in a single unit. Use on wire shelves for safe and organized storage.

We all know how easy it is for toolboxes to get messy and cluttered. Stop wasting your time searching for nuts and bolts in an unorganized toolbox. Try our Squeeze-A-Jar 5 piece storage set. Each jar is constructed of durable clear plastic and feature a soft, pliable rubber like top and bottom. Simply squeeze to open and dispense your items. When you're done dispensing what you need, the jars slide right back onto the wall mounted rack.

4. Garage Shelving and Wall Rack Solutions

Are you running out of storage space in your garage? Utilize wasted space by placing your storage bins and oversize items overhead. Our ProStor Heavy Lift System will free up space for car and bike parking while maximizing the storage capacity inside your garage. It allows you to create storage space in places you never even thought of using.

Shelving units will come in very handy when organizing the garage. They provide an ideal storage location and easy access to your items in storage. If you don't already have existing shelves along the walls, then we recommend using the Intermetro Shelving Unit. This five-shelf storage unit will give your garage that extra storage space it needs. It's ideal for storing boxes, storage containers, paint buckets, seasonal decorations and more. This is the perfect storage solution for those who want to maximize every square inch of space.

Need a simple solution for storing your larger tools? Try the Jumbo Hook Rack . It's the perfect way to keep those tools off the ground and close at hand. With 24 hooks, it's ideal for storing rakes, shovels, hoses and more.

Get rid of bulky freestanding storage units by using your walls for storage. Our Garage Organizer System Set will hold bottles, cleaners, cans, sprays and much more. Using your walls for storage creates more floor space, which may allow you to park your cars inside the garage.