Clothing Guide

We all know that shopping for clothes can get very expensive. It doesn't help when you have to continue buying the same favorite shirt simply because it keeps fading. That is why it's an excellent idea to protect the vast investment that you've made in your wardrobe. Clothing needs protection against fading, dust, humidity and bugs. Our clothing protection guide will provide you with smart solutions on how to easily take care of your clothing and extend its lifetime.

The 4 Basic Categories:1. Cedar Protection

Nothing works better than cedar for protecting linens and clothing. Try using all-natural cedar to repel bugs from your garments. It's naturally beautiful and environmentally safe! The essential oils in aromatic cedar give off an attractive scent that people and pets love, yet repels moths, insects and bugs.

Now you can have all the protection of cedar while enjoying a calming lavender aroma inside your closet. Our Calming Lavender Cedar Hang-Ups can be hung directly on your closet rod for a long lasting fresh scent.

If you prefer opening your wardrobe to a fresh cedar fragrance then try the Long Cedar Hang Ups. They will release a pleasant scent while protecting your clothes. Designed with a hanger hook, they can be easily hung on a closet rod inside your home or office closets.

Need an easy way to protect your favorite suit? Try our high quality hardwood Contour Cedar Hanger. This sturdy hanger is perfect for hanging your coats, suits, jackets and other garments while providing them with moth and bug protection. Its sturdy design and secure brass plated hardware will ensure that your heaviest coat or suit will remain securely hung.

Is it time to pack those heavy wool sweaters away for the springtime? There isn't a better way to store them than with the Canvas Sweater Chests with Cedar Inserts. Storing your sweaters, blankets and other wool accessories will no longer be a hassle. These canvas chests will protect your clothing and extend their lifetime while leaving them with a fresh scent of cedar.

Looking for a simple way to protect the clothing inside your drawers? Try our Cedar Drawer Liners. These unique drawer liners will conveniently fit in your drawers, giving your clothes a fresh scent of cedar and a great amount of protection.

2. Storage Solutions

Wondering how to store delicate heavy sweaters inside your closet? Try the Hanging Sweater Shelves in Cappuccino Brown. To increase the lifetime of your sweaters simply fold them and place them on the sturdy padded shelves. The shelves conveniently hang from your closet rod and fit in almost any closet. The sturdy shelves will assist in maintaining the shape of your clothes while effectively preventing creases.

Looking for a place to safely store those winter clothes? If you have unused space under your bed, then you'll love the Underbed Vacuum-Seal Storage Tote. It has the capacity to hold 10 sweaters, jackets and more while providing storage and protection against dirt, mildew and bugs.

Don't just store your clothes anywhere. Protect your garments from bugs, dust, moths, mildew and humidity with our Canvas and Cedar Dress Storage Bag. This tough canvas bag with cedar inserts offers your clothes excellent protection and a cedar aroma that works as a moth repellent. Also, try our Navy Canvas Garment Bag. It's made from high quality canvas with handsome blue accents and offers a secure storage solution for your delicate garments.

Protect your valuable clothing with the Canvas Shoulder Covers.These durable natural canvas covers allow your clothes to breathe while protecting them against dust, lint and fading. Each cover fits easily over the hangers providing your delicate clothes with the ultimate protection.

3. Accessories

Keep your closet smelling fresh and clean with the Closet Odor Eliminator. This amazingly tough odor neutralizer is available in a large 2 Pound or the smaller 8 Ounce bag. The volcanic crystals inside the bag attract closet odors while keeping your closet smelling fresh and your clothes odor free.

Now you can keep your sweaters looking sharp and brand new with the Sweater Stone. Simply stroking this shaver over your clothes will remove balling and piling while restoring a fresh look to your clothing.

For easy wrinkle removal and gentle fragrance for your clothing, try The Beach House Scented Ironing Spray on your next ironing day. Unlike other ironing waters, our Ironing Spray can be sprayed directly onto the fabric or poured into the steam portion of the iron. It's unique fragrance will capture your senses and leave your clothes with a fresh clean scent.


4.Proper Laundry Care Solutions

Try to avoid using wire hangers that can stretch and ruin the shape of your clothes. Instead, we recommend using our Soft Touch Plastic Hangers to prolong the life of your clothes. These fantastic plastic hangers are made from super duty heavy plastic and are break resistant. As a finishing touch to your closet, use one color and style of hanger for organizing and protecting your clothes. Available in white, navy blue and black, they will give your closet a consistent look and feel.

You shouldn't have to worry about snagging your delicate clothes in the washer. Now you can extend the lifetime of your clothing by using the Sweater Wash Bag. It prevents clothing from tangling, stretching and being harmed during washing. Its ideal for sweaters and other delicate items too. Also, try our Lingerie Wash Bag to protect other delicate washables such as pantyhose, slips and more.