Closet Guide

Conquering the chaos in your closet and creating one that works is easier than you think. Our Must Have Closet Guide was developed to provide you with tips and strategies on how to organize and take control of your closet. You can forget about the days of running all over the house looking for a matching shoe or a particular shirt you just can’t find. With a clutter-free and organized closet, you’ll be stress free and won’t have to worry about keeping the door closed to keep the “stuff” from falling out of your closet.

Important things to consider:

• Are you sharing your closet space with someone else?
• How much closet floor space is available?
• What is the purpose of your closet?
• Do you need more hanging space or more shelf space?

The 4 Basic Categories:
1. Hanging Storage Solutions

Countertop SolutionsAre you running out of hanging space in your closet? Don’t sweat it! Try folding some of your clothes like your sweaters and knits. Folding them prevents them from stretching out of shape and increases their lifetime. Just fold away and place them on our Hanging Sweater Shelves. They’ll increase your hanging space and maximize your storage area. For smaller closets, try the 3-Shelf Canvas Organizer.

Maximize the vertical space in your closet with Double Clothing Bars. It simply hangs off your existing closet bar to instantly double your storage space by providing an extra hanging bar.

Looking for a way to preserve your favorite suit? No worries! The Canvas Suit Bag provides the perfect protection that your suits and dresses deserve. This high quality bag provides gentle yet protective storage for all your delicate garments as it easily hangs on the closet rod.

We know how easy it is for children’s closets to get messy and cluttered. To help you out, we recommend the Kid’s 6 Day Closet Organizer. It’s equipped with 6 roomy cubes that are labeled with the days of the week. The organizer is designed to hold clothes, shoes and toys. It’s the ultimate closet organization solution for your child’s room!

2. Complete Storage Systems

Pantry and Cabinet Solutions Looking for a wood closet that’s equipped with elegance and style? If so, then take a look at the John Louis Wood Storage Systems. This beautiful and unique collection will provide you with the best quality and selection of wooden closet systems for reach-in and walk-in closets.

3. Shoe Storage Solutions

Storage SolutionsEliminate those messy heaps of shoes from the bottom of your closet with our Crystal Clear Stacking Shoe Bins. The bins work great on an existing shelf or on the floor. Since you can see what’s inside, you’ll save some time by not having to search for that certain pair. They’re convenient and an ideal space saver for your closet!

If shoes litter the bottom of your closet, then it’s time to get each pair off the floor! If you have the extra floor space, the 9 Pair Shoe Rack is the perfect solution. Remember to keep the pairs you wear the most within easy reach.

If your shoe collection is too big for your closet, you need a space-saving shoe rack that provides the most spacious way for you to organize them in your bedroom.  Our Gigantic Shoe Rackwill allow you to store up to 50 pairs of your favorite shoes with or without shoeboxes. It’s the easiest way to keep large shoe collections organized and all together.  

Limited floor space in your closet? Not a problem! Put the back of your door to use with our Over the Door Organizer. This handy shoe rack will provide ample space for your shoe collection without taking up any floor space. Made from sturdy canvas, this durable shoe organizer will hold up to twelve pairs of shoes.

 If you have some extra hanging space in your closet you should try our Canvas Shoe Organizer. It’s nothing like the ordinary over-the-door shoe rack. It features a slim vertical design that fits in only 5 inches of closet space yet has the capacity to hold up to ten pairs of shoes. It easily hangs with a hook that secures around any standard closet rod. It’s also perfect for storing hats, gloves, scarves and more.

4. Boxes, Shelves and Drawers Solutions

Organization SolutionsNo drawers? No problem! Now you can store your clothes inside attractive matching baskets. Try our unique Rope Basket Boxes in small, medium and large. They’re made with a wood top frame and sea grass with in-set handles. They’ll add a chic decorative look to your closet!

Eliminate the clutter in your closet and keep smaller items orderly with transparent storage boxes. Use the Store-N-Slide Boxes by Iris. These sturdy transparent storage boxes will make finding things easier. They provide ample storage space while using a minimum amount of space in any closet. Make the best use of them by organizing articles by themes, such as winter gear, hair accessories and more. If your closet needs some pop, try our Plastic Organizer Boxes in fun colors.

Add some flair to your closet by using the Pandan Storage Boxes. They work wonderfully in bathroom, hallway and bedroom closets. They’re easy to stack and the removable lids keep items contained.

Need a safe place to store your hats? If so then check out the Set of 3 Hat Boxes. Made from strong and sturdy fiberboard, these unique hat boxes will conveniently store hats, accessories and more. The set includes small, medium and large sizes.

Looking for a way to store more in your closet without the clutter? Try our elegant yet simple Sage Green Canvas Storage Box. This decorative box fulfills your storage needs and keeps your closet tidy and organized.

5. Accessories Solutions

Organization Solutions Now you can take full advantage of your closet shelf space with our Shelf Dividers. They are perfect for holding clothes and accessories neatly in place. These durable shelf dividers are also great for keeping your towels and linens in neat and organized stacks.

It’s common for ties, belts and scarves to be tangled up or lost on the closet floor. So what’s the solution? Try our Horizontal Tie and Accessory Hanger. This stylish and functional storage hook is the ideal closet hook for all your accessories! To make choosing and matching an easier task, group your accessories by color.

 Tired of that funny smell inside your closet? Don’t just cover up the odors with sprays, chemicals and fragrances. Eliminate them with something that actually works! Try our DampRid® Closet Odor Absorber. This freshener is made of a special blend of absorbent natural materials. It absorbs and eliminates even the strongest odors.

To keep your closet looking organized and clutter free, get rid of extra hangers that you don’t use. Figure out exactly how many you need and get rid of the rest. Plastic and wood hangers are better choices than wire hangers, which tend to sag and stretch out your clothes. Try our Heavy Duty Plastic Hangers. They’re made of high quality plastic for added durability. For an elegant finish to your closet use our Blonde Wood Hangers With these hangers, you will never have to worry about creased clothes again!

Too many thick winter sweaters and jackets? Use a storage bench at the foot of the bed to hold your sweaters, scarves, sweatshirts and heavy jackets. Check out the Wood Storage Bench . The gorgeous hazelnut construction allows this bench to blend seemlessly with nearly any decor.