Canning at Home Squeeze the oranges and lemons, strain the juice, weigh it and cook with an equal weight of sugar. Boil gently, skimming off any foam, until it reaches the desired consistency, than pour it into the jars. You can make it even more flavorful by cooking the juice with pieces of lemon rind (just the yellow part) cut into strips, removing it before you pour the jelly into the jars. Wash the tomatoes, chop and put them through a mill, then add them to a lightly browned mixture of oil, garlic, parsley and anchovies, all finely chopped. Let the sauce boil down slightly.  Choose small, healthy artichokes. Eliminate the stalks and tips as well as the outer leaves; cut the artichokes in two or four wedges.  Blanch for 4 minutes in a solution consisting of: one litre of lemon juice per litre of water and at least 30 g. of salt for every litre of solution.  Drain and add them to the tomato sauce, bringing it to a boil. Add the white wine, salt and pepper and boil for at least 10 minutes.  Pour the boiling hot product in the glass jars, after rinsing them with hot water; apply the lid immediately and turn the jars upside down on a dishtowel so as to sterilize the lids.  Turn the jars right side up again only after at least 10 minutes and continue cooling at room temperature.