Bath Guide
We all know that bathrooms suffer when it comes to storage. Perhaps this is because it is the most frequented room in the house. Most bathrooms have very limited space and a lot of stuff. It?s rare to find a bathroom that has enough storage space to keep your items organized and accessible.

Whether it?s a family bathroom or a bathroom for one, our goal is to help you achieve a clutter-free organized bathroom.

Important things to consider:

  • How much empty wall space is available?
  • How many people will be sharing the bathroom?
  • Does the bathroom have limited floor space?
  • Are there any products that I do not use and are currently taking up extra space?
  • Is there a bath tub? If so, how big is it?

We hope that you have had some time to think about what a perfect bathroom would be like for your family or just yourself. If all the clutter and limited amount of space is consuming too many of your thoughts, then don?t worry. We have five main categories that will help you with storage and organization for your bathroom.

The 5 Basic Categories:

1. Organization and Storage Solutions

Put the back of your door to use with hooks or towel racks. Our Over the Door Rack by York will triple your storage for towels and allow you to make use of the bathroom or shower door. If all you want is something to hold your robe or perhaps a wet towel, try our Overdoor Hook. It?san easy way to keep things at easy reach, where you can find them.

For small bathrooms we suggest over-the toilet solutions. Over the toilet space gives you extra storage space without interfering with the toilet?s use. Take advantage of unused space by using our Hudson Collection Chrome 4 Shelf Space Saver.

If your bathroom space is small and floor space is limited, don?t forget about unused wall space. Our 3 Tier Curved Shelf is the perfect storage solution, seemlessly blending glass and chrome for a gorgeous new look. Give your everyday items and decorative items a permanent home. This shelf storage unit can be mounted next to your sink or shower for easy access to your items.

We all know bathroom counter tops can get a little cluttered with hair dryers, curling irons and other bathroom accessories. Keep your sink free of clutter with our Hair Dryer and Curling Iron Holder. You can conveniently store this holder inside the door under the sink where it cannot be seen, or it can be mounted on any wall for easy access.

2. In the Shower and Bath Solutions

Trying to balance your shampoo, conditioner, soap, razors, sponges and shaving cream on the ledge of your bathtub can be quite the task. Sounds like a caddy would save the day! We recommend purchasing our Deep Shelf Shower Caddy. This caddy is conveniently designed to hold all shower necessities while keeping clutter to a minimum.

After a long day at work, there is nothing more relaxing than a warm bath and a good book. Just sit back, relax and enjoy our Bathtub Caddy with Reading Rack. The caddy is made up of three baskets. The middle basket is a reading rack that will hold a book which allows you to read and relax without the risk of damaging your pages and having to hold your own book. The two side baskets hold your bathroom necessities and keep them organized and accessible.

Are you tired of rushing through your morning? Now you can save some time by brushing your teeth as you enjoy your shower. Try our Stainless Steel Suction Multi- Brush Holder. This toothbrush holder securely attaches up to four toothbrushes to your shower wall with large suction cups. It also relieves clutter from your sink.

3. Drawer Organizing Solutions

Keep your beauty basics handy and organized with our Cosmetics Organizer-Acrylic. The nine narrow compartments make it easy and convenient to store lipsticks, brushes, nail polish, mascara and more. Remember, don?t hold on to cosmetics that are old and that you don?t use. Only keep the ones that you use the most and see how much extra space you will have!

Are you having a hard time finding things during the chaos of your early morning routines? Our Three Section Organizer-Acrylic is the perfect way to de-clutter your drawers and organize your personal use items. From nail clippers to brushes, contact lens solution to razors, this three drawer organizer is sure to keep your everyday personal use items accessible and organized. This multi-purpose drawer organizer is a must have for those who want to reduce their morning stress. In shared bathrooms, give each family member a drawer organizer to organize their personal items.

4. Sanitation Solutions

Never run out of toilet paper again! Try our Chrome Over the Tank Toilet Paper Holder. This handy toilet paper holder hooks over the side of the tank and holds up to three rolls of toilet paper at a convenient reach. This unique holder saves space and adds style to your bathroom.

Does your bathroom have limited floor space? Take advantage of our 3.3 Gallon Brushed Stainless Steel Profile Trash Can. Its slim dimensions allow the can to fit easily between a toilet and a wall while the brushed stainless steel look will add style to your bathroom.

5. Accessories Solutions

Keep tub toys organized until the next bath time with our Bath Toy Bin with Trap Door. The unique trap door opens and closes easily to keep tub toys organized and ready to use for the next time. The white plastic coating prevents rust and softens edges to make things safer. Remember that it is best to store children's toys near the floor to prevent them from reaching and possibly slipping.

Keep household cleaning products out of plain view, but at an easy reach. Use our Expandable Under the Sink Shelf. Our shelf is ideal for storing and organizing products used for cleaning. This shelf has removable shelves to accommodate plumbing and adjustable shelves to accommodate bottles and containers of various sizes. Unit expands from 18" to 32".

Minimize the amount of accessories you have on your sink countertop! Try our Whale Faucet Fountain by Jokari. This fun and unique attachment easily turns your bathroom faucet into a home drinking fountain and mouth rinser. Say goodbye to messy glasses and disposable cups for mouth rinsing!